Equal employment opportunities

Bis Industries is committed to diversity within the workplace and to ensuring that in the application of all company policies, practices and procedures, no discrimination takes place, and that all employees enjoy equal access to opportunities within the company.

Bis Industries - Equal Employment

Equality of Employment Opportunity is a way of describing the absence of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. This standard of Equality of Employment Opportunity applies to all phases of employment. In employment situations, the basic aim of legislation is to ensure that every person has equal access to employment and associated benefits.

The basis of employment decisions is the individual merit of employees. Specifically, all recruitment, selection and promotion decisions are based on merit. Those with the abilities, skill, qualifications and experience which are required for a particular job have an equal opportunity of being considered for the position. The person selected for a job is the person who best meets the requirements of the position.

Overall responsibility for Equality of Employment Opportunity and day to day implementation of this standard lies with the Regional Director of each division. However, the specific responsibility for implementing Equality of Employment Opportunity lies with every manager and supervisor.