Dual powered road train

Bis Industries - Innovation - Dual Powered Road Train

The Bis Industries dual powered road train is specifically designed as a safe, reliable, off-road haulage solution. Combining a number of innovations has resulted in a road train that offers efficient and cost-effective haulage across the whole spectrum of the resources industry, and provides flexibility to meet on-site haulage requirements.

The principle is similar to the 'push/pull' locomotive concept: the off-road prime engine at the front is supported by a second engine beneath the third trailer. The 5-trailer rig is built on 3-meter axles for stability.

This dual powered road train currently has a payload capacity of up to 300 tonnes. Further innovation might increase this capacity. The rig, at 3.4 meters at its widest, is very narrow compared to the traditional CAT 789C model dump truck at 7.7 meters wide.

Cost savings

The dual powered road train is significantly narrower than traditional on-site mine haulage equipment, which substantially reduces haul road construction and maintenance costs, and in particular the cost of dust suppression and road grading.

With a lower capital cost than conventional dump trucks, the cost per tonne of ore movement is generally much lower.


Bis Industries - Innovation - Dual Powered Road Train

The truck/trailer has been designed with safety in mind. Bis Industries improved the stability by implementing 3-meter wide axles and a single dolly articulation point.

Its rearward amplification measured versus GCM is similar to that of a b-double combination, which is why it has a very safe and stable tracking profile.

Performance management systems also increase reliability, such as systems that monitor engine management, speed and over-braking.


New opportunities

The increased efficiencies, cost savings per unit and improved cycle times offer our customers the chance to consider new opportunities. For example, the capacity to move large volumes over long distances opens up the potential to optimise satellite pits which otherwise may not have been viable.


Bis Industries - Innovation - Dual Powered Road Train

Features of the dual powered road train:

  • safe
  • reliable
  • off-road
  • efficient
  • cost-effective
  • easily accommodates fluctuating on-site haulage volumes
  • suitable for any bulk ore product
  • progressive introduction during ramp-up
  • waste back to pit as return load
  • lower demand on haul road construction and maintenance
  • longer distances and faster speeds
  • turns smaller or more remote pits into viable opportunities