Automated guided vehicle system

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We specialise in integrated materials handling solutions using automated guided vehicle system to manage product movements in any manufacturing or industrial warehouse environment with minimal labour intervention. The automated guided vehicle system can be tailored to specific site conditions and products and can be installed in both new and existing plants with minimal disruption to operations.

The automated guided vehicle system uses standard or customised vehicles which are managed by a supervisory computer system that processes manual or automatic product movement requests to ensure maximum productivity is achieved. Automated guided vehicles can pick up and deliver product directly to and from manufacturing lines, storage areas and warehouses without the need to interface with forklifts, cranes and other materials handling equipment. The vehicles have proven and robust safety, guidance, operating and control systems, and can be tailored to handle specific products.

Efficiencies and cost savings

The automated guided vehicle system eliminates any product and equipment damage. Introducing the system reflects a step change improvement in material movement efficiency and transparency and reduces labour costs. It has the flexibility to expand and change in the future.

The automated guided vehicle system eliminates materials handling equipment such as forklifts and cranes, along with their impact on production delays and increasing operating and re-investment costs.

Manual stocktaking functions are replaced by the real-time product tracking capability of the automated guided vehicle system which can be integrated with the customer’s existing operational system via a simple interface.

Safety and environment

A manufacturing line or warehouse equipped with the automated guided vehicle system enjoys greatly reduced safety risks and improved environmental conditions. Elimination of mobile equipment such as cranes and forklifts and less human interaction results in a step improvement in safety and a significant reduction in plant noise and exhaust emissions. Automated guided vehicles are equipped with an array of safety features including object detection and collision avoidance systems, motion alarms, physical bumpers and travel path interlocks.

The automated guided vehicle system includes 24-hour on-site system support to maintain optimal performance and efficiency.