Our values

Our Vision

Creating value from the ground up. Moving globally. Acting locally.

Our Mission

We keep our customers producing safely by taking responsibility for critical but non-core processes and integrating people, funding, systems and technology.

Our Values

Zero Harm

Nothing is more important to us than safety. We have each other’s backs. We care about each other, the community and the environment. It’s important we do what’s right.

Bis Industries - Our Values - Zero Harm
  • We always strive for Zero Harm
  • We take responsibility for the things we do
  • We look out for each other


We’ve united the strengths of industry leaders to become one strong team. But we can only succeed when everyone plays their part. Every single person is a vital link in the chain. Few companies work as one like we do.

Bis Industries - Our Values - Unity
  • We’re working together as a team
  • We listen to, and respect each other
  • We help each other out


Our passion comes from the ground up. We give a damn about what we do, and we care even more about each other. And we’re mighty proud of what we achieve. It’s what gets us up in the morning.

Bis Industries - Our Values - Passion
  • We’re proud of what we do
  • We look for constant improvement
  • We care about the gear


Our people are skilled, trained and experienced. Our efficient systems are built to deliver. We create solutions even when they don’t already exist. That’s why we’re the best at what we do.

Bis Industries - Our Values - Passion
  • We rise to every challenge
  • We create solutions
  • We build partnerships for the long haul


The success of our business is directly linked to the relationships we build and maintain with our customers, shareholders, employees and the community in which we work. The things that matter to them, matter to us.

Bis Industries - Our Values - Passion
  • We always deliver on our promises
  • We understand our customer’s needs
  • We value and trust each other